Fixateur Automatique à Rayons X T2 White Mountain, 2 x 5 Gallons/Case

SKU: XR-4010F

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White Mountain Automatic Fixer: Case of 2 x 5 Gallons. 

White Mountain Imaging’s T2 Fixer is a premium quality rapid fixer which provides superior clearing and drying with all x-ray films. It contains a proprietary surfactant which acts as a chemical blanket to greatly decrease fumes by reducing vapor pressure without compromising drying capacity or sulfite level. T2 Fixer is a clean working formula compatible with in-line electrolytic silver recovery units.

  • Reduces maintenance costs due to fixer “build-up”
  • Compatible with all radiographic and cine films and all x-ray developers

The same forward thinking that produced T2 Developer was also put into our T2 Fixer. It has been known for sometime that the sulfur dioxide given off by x-ray fixers are irritating to most and can cause severe reactions in “sensitized” individuals. In order to address this, some manufacturers have produced “low fume” fixers. Typically, these products are a compromise in design which result in less drying capacity and lower sulfite levels. By using a unique chemical surfactant, which acts like a chemical blanket to lower vapor pressure, T2 Fixer greatly reduces fixer fumes with no compromise in hardening or sulfite levels. Thus, T2 Fixer provides optimum compatibility with in-line silver recovery units.