CPA Essential Student Kit


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The Canadian Physiotherapy Association Student Kit Bag is an exclusive offering for student members enrolled in Canadian physiotherapy and physical therapy university programs. The contents of the Kits are designed based on requirements from your school and aim to assist students with learning and practising with the ‘tools of the trade’. All OrthoCanada proceeds are donated to the Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada in support of physiotherapy research and education.

Your kit includes:

- 1 x CPA/OrthoCanada Backpack (while supplies last)
- 1 x OC-9040 Sample Sanctband SAMPLE
- 1 x OC-060006 Tape Measure
- 1 x OC-3015-C3 Stethoscope Littmann Classic III
- 1 x OC-3053 Transparent Plastic Goniometer (8" 360º)
- 1 x OC-3052 Transparent Plastic Goniometer (12" 360º)
- 1 x OC-3057 Finger Goniometer
- 1 x OC-3081 Tuning Fork
- 1 x OC-3005 Buck Hammer

Shipping/Ordering Note:

Student kit orders will be accepted until August 19th. We will try to have all orders shipped for the first week of September, however we cannot guarantee this delivery timeframe.