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Focused Shockwave Therapy (FSWT)

The BTL-6000 Focus Shockwave device is a non-invasive alternative to surgery. The therapy enhances tissue regeneration, relieves chronic pain, eliminates calcifications and relaxes muscles. The most common shockwave therapy applications are treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain resulting from tendinopathies, trigger points, elimination of calcifications and stimulation of bone non unions. For information on Research and Evidence Based Studies on FSWT click here.

BTL-6000 FSWT technology offers the highest lifespan with constant shock intensity and a perfect balance between high Energy Flux Density and optimal Focal Zone size. It has the highest frequency range on the market for a wide spectrum of indications.



Download BTL FSWT Brochure now (PDF]

BTL Physiotherapy Manual (PDF)


Applicator Features:

- Switch & Go applicator replacement service;
- Have the therapy process under control by adjusting parameters directly from the applicator display;
- Maintenance-free


Overview of Parameters:

- Max Energy Flux Density (EFD): 0.65 mJ/mm2 - Constant shocks intensity
- Focal zone : 5 x 35 mm
- Lifespan (shocks): Minimum 3 million
- Penetration depth : 0-65 mm
- Maximum frequency : 25 Hz
- Main unit display: 8.4" touch screen
- Applicator interface: Display with parameter settings


Try the BTL Shockwave for 3 Weeks!

Medical Effects of Shockwave Therapy

- Decreases muscle tension & inhibits spasms by increasing blood flow to the affected area, along with lessening the pathological interactions between actin & myosin
- Dissolves calcified fibroblasts
- Increases collagen production
- Accelerates the removal of nociceptive metabolites, and increases oxygenation
- Enhances dispersion of substance P (a pain mediator and growth factor). The reduction of its concentration reduces pain in the affected area and decreases risk of development of oedema
- MDALL 102793

Finance Your Success

Worried about cashflow? Leasing equipment is a simple and convenient process that makes it possible for therapists to open their own clinic, expand their existing clinic and invest in good quality, reliable and effective equipment.

Why lease equipment?

More and more therapists are leasing equipment instead of buying it. Leasing equipment is a simple and convenient process that makes it possible for therapists to open their own clinic, expand their existing clinic and invest in good quality, reliable and effective equipment.

Benefits to leasing:
- Preserve your cash and lines of credit so that they can be left in reserve for the unexpected or used to grow your business in other ways
- Down payment is not required
- Tax payments are spread out over the term of the lease
- Monthly payments become an operational expense for the clinic and they are 100% tax deductible
- Equipment upgrades and accessories can be added to the lease with a very small increase in your monthly payments
- Monthly payments will help simplify your budgeting process. They can be tailored to meet clinic cash flow

If you'd like to discuss possible options, give us a call at 1.800.561.0310 or by email leasing@orthocanada.com

Shockwave Training Workshops

Did you know that ShockwaveTraining.ca offers workshops for BTL Shockwave therapies?  

Shockwave Training Canada in partnership with OrthoCanada presents a 3-hour workshop presented by Biomedical Engineer Razi Khaddage and Physiotherapist Rosen Kolev. At this event, you will learn the differences between radial & focus shockwave technologies, the differences between radial shockwave devices, how to implement shockwave therapy into your practice, and review practical therapeutic applications and treatments on most common rehab indications.

To learn more or to register to a workshop in your area, please visit ShockwaveTraining.ca

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