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Enhancing Seniors Residences


OrthoCanada’s multidisciplinary team assists seniors residences to access high-quality products, which positively impact the health of today’s seniors. Whether it is updating a residence’s mini-gym or adding new equipment for the physio clinic, we make things simple by providing a single point of contact for expertise in physiotherapy equipment solutions.

Get Expert Advice

Our multidisciplinary professionals can assist managers and therapists of Senior’s Residences in making capital equipment purchases that provide the best ROI.

Tammy Boucher

Tammy Boucher, BSc. PT

Vice President, Sales

1-800-561-0310 ext 1700

Having practiced as a physiotherapist for 11 years prior to joining OrthoCanada in 2007, clinicians trust in Tammy’s ability to guide them through complicated equipment purchasing decisions, based on their unique needs and budget. Tammy has managed well over 100 clinic setups over the last 10 years.

Katherine Fairfield

Katherine Fairfield

Capital Equipment Sales

1-800-561-0310 ext 1711

Katherine’s passion is providing outstanding service by educating and assisting our customers with the purchase of rehab equipment. Prior to joining OrthoCanada in 2009, Katherine owned and operated a lady’s fitness centre for the elderly and physically challenged.

Please contact either Tammy or Katherine, or fill in the form below and send it directly to us.

Health Benefits of a Mini-Gym on Seniors’ Health

According to Dr. Mark Evans of ‘Exercise is Medicine Canada’, studies on the impact of exercise on the health of seniors have shown a:


Reduction in the Progression of Dementia and Alzheimers


Reduction in Anxiety


Reduction in Hip Fractures

A Senior’s Residence Mini-Gym and exercise program improves senior’s general health, balance, strength, mobility and could show a:


Reduction of Knee Arthritis


Reduction in Diabetes


Reduction in Anxiety

Fall Prevention

According to the Canadian Health Agency, falls account for 40% of Nursing Homes’ admissions. Physically strong seniors have better balance and are less likely to fall. They also have a better chance of avoiding or recovering from a fall-related injury. NuStep is Canada’s first choice for senior’s rehab equipment for balance, coordination, core strengthening and muscle strengthening.


NuStep T4R

NuStep T4rNuStep T4R


NuStep T5

NuStep T5NuStep T5


NuStep T5XR

NuStep T5XRNuStep T5XR

Mini-Gym Set-Up Checklist

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