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Every discipline has its own vernacular. Chiropractic is no different. 

While some want to blur the distinctions, we fiercely defend the terms (and their definitions) that make chiropractic care different from the medical treatment most patients are familiar with.

Perfect for your consultation or reception room, the We Speak Chiropractic poster proudly defines some the key terms used in chiropractic. 

By reviewing with each patient, notice a more respectful tone and a greater appreciation for the concepts and principles that make chiropractic so different—and effective.

The seven terms and their patient-relevant definitions include:

  • Adjustment - A precisely applied energy to the spine with the intent of reviving the body's ability to self-heal.
  • Ease - Effortless adaptability; poise.
  • Health - Wholeness, optimum physical, mental and social well being.
  • Innate - Inborn wisdom; natural.
  • Stress - A physical, chemical or emotional burden.
  • Subluxation - Partial vertebrae dislocation affecting nearby nerves.
  • Tone - The degree of nervous system tension.

Oh, and why are the three words of the headline run together? Just to be different. Like chiropractic!

We Speak Chiropractic Poster
24" X 18"

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