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Save when you get our VIP Report Folder bundled with our most popular inserts. Present your report of findings with a professional flare that impresses patients and improves patient follow through.

Other than your consultation, explaining your findings and making specific recommendations for care is your most important patient communication. It’s here that patients acquire a new meaning for their symptoms and come to trust your plan of action.

And don’t forget that these days you’re often giving your report without their spouse or partner in the room with you! It’s essential that you equip patients to recreate your explanation—improving patient satisfaction and referrals.

The VIP Report of Findings System does this and more.

It brings order and consistency to your reports, provides a record of what was discussed and professionally packages your findings in a way that communicates trust and confidence. Scripting ideas here.

Cherry pick the items that support your report style and clinical intentions. Or save money by getting the documents you need for effective reports, bundled together in our money-saving VIP Starter Set. (Don't take X-rays? We'll substitute a different Insert. Just indicate replacement in the box above.)

If your reports have degenerated into a rote, memorized spiel, it’s time to reinvent and simplify this crucial patient communication!

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