Spinal Decay Poster, Right Facing, Paper


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Veuillez noter que les produits Patient Media Inc. par William Estebi sont disponibles uniquement en anglais.  

Spinal degeneration depicted by this X-ray poster shows the worsening effects of spinal decay. 

Instead of using the term "subluxation degeneration," we use a more patient-relevant term. Because it suggests neglect. It's something that requires attention. It's something that patients understand. It works for dentists, so put it to work in your practice!

Crystal clear cervical spine X-rays, thoracic spine X-rays and lumbar spine X-rays make the job easy. And the three-phase approach makes the distinctions between each phase great enough that a lay person can see the spinal degeneration changes. (Which, after all, is the point, isn't it?)

Frame and mount one copy so patients are facing it as you take their neutral lateral views. Have a second copy ready for comparison beside your X-ray view box when you give your report of findings. (Choose between right- and left-facing X-rays to match your technique.)

Coordinates with our report of findings insert report handout. Are you an upper cervical practitioner?

Spinal Decay Phase Placement Chart
18" X 24"
Indicate right- or left-facing X-rays (shown Right-facing X-rays)