Spinal Decay Model-Magnetic Three Phase


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"Patients take my radiographic reports more seriously."

Your two-dimensional X-rays jump to life with this superior anatomical model.

It features four pairs of life-size lumbar vertebrae that demonstrate the three phases of degeneration. Introduce patients to the Textbook Normal L4-L5 vertebrae showing normal disc height and nerve root openings. Point out the progressive effects of neglect, showing disc bulging, herniation, thinning and desiccation. Patients can see (and touch!) the bone spurs and the advancing formaninal occlusion.

The realistic size and weight of each model set, along with the anatomical detail and precision, will make this the cornerstone of your radiographic reports.

Remove each model from the magnetized base for the patient to hold and inspect. No other degeneration model so accurately demonstrates the damage of soft tissues, nerve roots and the motor units themselves. When you’re through, each model snaps smartly into place on the contrasting gloss black base with the hidden embedded magnets.


Front bezel features the graduated, light-to-dark background, going from Textbook Normal to Phase Three that matches our Spinal Decay wall chart and coordinating two-part carbonless Spinal Decay handout to include in the VIP Report Folder.

This is an essential one-time purchase that you will find yourself using every day for years to come.

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