Solumat Ultra Developer

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Solutek Solumat ULTRA Developper produces high quality radiographs in all makes of automatic X-ray processors. Liquid concentrate for easy mixing.

Formulas for use with all brand of Medical X-ray film. Produces speed, contrast, and base + fog in accordance with the film manufacturers' specifications. Can be used with double and single-emulsion films, including mammography.

Solumat ULTRA developper is environmentally friendly - contains no Boron. Very stable - after mixing, it has exceptional resistance to aerial oxidation. Clean working; with proper replenishment, requires infrequent changing. Formulated as a 3-part concentrate for extra-long shelf life.

Makes 10 US gallons (37.5L) per unit.
2 x 5 Gallon sets per unit
Compatible with most chemical mixers
Parts A, B and C.

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