Mother-To-Be Maternity Support Belt with Insert

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Maternity Support Belt - Small
62.95 62.95$
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This support belt is great for expecting mothers. Factors such as back pain is common among women because of the growing baby. With this support, it prevents weight that is felt on the hips, bladder, and back and helps with tension and strained muscle relief. With a contoured and cushion abdominal pad you can ensure you are fully supported. Comes with a hook and loop strap for a secure fit. 

Material: Durable Elastic and Nylon. Contains latex.  

To determine which size best fits, you take your dress size before pregnancy. 

Sizing Guide:
Small: Dress Size 3-8
Medium: Dress Size 9-14
Large: Dress Size 15-18
X-Large: Dress Size 19+

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