Hoist™ 2200


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Available with Articulating arm or Fixed Pressing arm

HOIST™ 2200

This 2 stack strengthening multi-gym configures to fit in a corner, making it a space-saver for smaller clinics. It has a low, mid, and high pulley with standard attachments. For the Chest Press, you choose between the traditional fixed arc and 3-dimensional articulating pressing arms. The contoured seat and back (with lumbar support) have dual adjustments for correct body positioning. The footplate on the Leg Press pivots (self-adjusts) to allow for a more comfortable exercise movement.

  • Station 1: Rigid Arm Pulldown (self-adjusting handles for natural movement), Leg Press (2:1 cabling ratio provides 400 lbs of resistence), and High Pulley (triceps pushdown ex.)
  • Station 2: Chest Press, Mid Row (low and mid pulleys), Leg Extension, and Standing Leg Curl
  • Detailed Instruction Placards for user reference at exercise stations
  • Comes with Ankle Strap, Straight Bar, 2 Strap handles, 4 x 2.5lb weights, Exercise manual
  • Dimensions: 84" W, 101" L, 82.25" H


Hoist Multi Gyms_____________________________

OC-3804   Hoist 2200

OC-3804  -1 Fixed Pressing Arm

OC-3804  -2 Articulating Arm Option

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