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When it premiered in 2000, Getting Started was the first of its kind, featuring the unrehearsed comments of actual chiropractic patients.

Because new patients can be wary. Anxious. They've heard stories. "Will I have to come forever?" "Do adjustments hurt?" "Do I have to be X-rayed?" These and other questions stand in the way of the rapport necessary to lead and influence a new patient.


Reassured by Other Chiropractic Patients
While patients rarely express their concerns out loud or reveal their anxieties, it creates a distracting background “buzz” and a distancing that can reduce your consultation to a sales session. Imagine a series of chiropractic patients reassuring each new patient, bubbling with enthusiasm about you and explaining what's ahead for them.

Getting Started features 23 of them!

Short and Sweet Chiropractic Video
Getting Started is a short 4½-minute video that is designed to be shown after a new patient completes their admitting paperwork and before they meet you at the consultation. The unscripted words of actual chiropractic patients comfort, reassure and put your new patients at ease. This video quickly sets appropriate expectations and new patients emerge appreciative, respectful and anxious to meet you.

Patient Accepted and Appreciated
Training Chiropractic Assistants to introduce the video is easy:

“While the doctor is reviewing your health history, he/she would like you to see this short, five-minute video that explains what you can expect on your first visit with us.”

Patients appreciate the brevity and relevancy of Getting Started and like knowing what they can expect when they meet the chiropractor.

Try to imagine yourself as a new patient and watch the entire video before you buy. Getting Started is the perfect lead-in to our Making Choices pre-report video shown on the second visit. Available as a single DVD or included on a single 4-in-1 DVD with the entire video curriculum.

Getting Started DVD Video
4½ minutes
Individual DVD

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