EcoGel 200 Ultrasound Gel - Blue

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Gel à ultrason EcoGel 200 - Bleu - 1 x 5L (+1 bouteille)
14.95 14.95$
Gel à ultrason EcoGel 200 - Bleu - 2 x 5L (+2 bouteilles)
26.95 26.95$
Gel à ultrason EcoGel 200 - Bleu - 4 x 5L (+4 bouteilles)
48.95 48.95$
Gel à ultrason EcoGel 200 - Bleu - 12 x 250ml Bouteille
19.95 19.95$
Gel à ultrason EcoGel 200 - Bleu - 100 paquets de 20g
12.95 12.95$
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This medium viscosity gel is designed for use in treatments such as therapeutic ultrasound and diagnostic imaging. It's made with salt and alcohol and perfume free. This gel is clear, non-sterile and water-soluble and is used to increase productivity, minimize patient discomfort and decrease product waste. It's conductive and non-corrosive and doesn't contain any propylene glycol. The gel can be used at room temperature or warmed up using a bottle warmer

How to Use: Apply gel to the area of treatment and once done, wipe down gel with a towel or tissue. If you notice any irritation, discontinue use. 

Safety Precautions: For sanitary reasons, please do not RE-USE ultrasound gel. If you are using a bottle to apply the gel, the tip of the bottle should not come in contact with the patient to avoid cross contamination. 

Storage: Ultrasound gel should be kept in a dry place at room temperature. Gel should never be frozen. If in the case the gel is frozen, allow gel to return to room temperature before use. 

Expiry Date: Please take note of the expiry date and it's recommended to not use the ultrasound gel past the date indicated. 

Please Note: Do not use gel on broken skin, irritated skin, or an open wound. 

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