Dynamometre Musculaire Commander Echo

The Commander Echo Muscle Tester by JTECH Medical can quickly and accurately quantify maximum average strength as well as bilateral deficits with the Commander Echo Wireless Muscle Testing Starter Kit. Provides you with objective measurements to prove physical deficits and determine a solid treatment plan. The Commander Echo product line is completely modular, so you can upgrade to additional device types as your practice grows. One console will pair with up to 7 device types.

In the diagnostic tools section you can also find a selection of human anatomy charts and models, skeletons and spines, as well as hand evaluation dynamometers and pinch gauges and dexterity tests such as the Minnesota Manual Dexterity test and the Purdue Pegboard, a selection of force gauges and manual muscle testers including the Chatillon Analog Dynamometers, Baseline Push-Pull Dynamometers, and more.

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