Chiropractic Patientology Book


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Veuillez noter que les produits Patient Media Inc. par William Estebi sont disponibles uniquement en anglais.  

If you want to grow your practice from the inside out, and you depend upon patient referrals, then start thinking like a patient! Mr. Esteb further expands some of his innovative ideas so they can be immediately implemented to improve new patient rapport and inspire more patients to embrace a "chiropractic lifestyle." Includes 46 chapters.

  • Five steps to reduce staff turnover (page 11)
  • How to compete against managed care (page 65)
  • 12 Stupid ways to mess up practice (page 77)
  • Non-fee issues that turn patients away (page 101)
  • Why the patient is the master (page 119)
  • Using "whips" and "carrots" (page 149)
  • The folly of more "research" (page 183)
  • Creating your dream practice (page 205)

Chiropractic Patientology
Further Observations of a Chiropractic Advocate
Foreword by Malik Slosberg, DC
Introduction by Fred H. Barge, DC
Originally published 1996
240 Pages