BTL-TEST Ultrasound - Single Product

SKU: BTL-4710-Ultrasound

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Using high-frequency ultrasound therapy is effective in decreasing muscle spasms and reducing pain. BTL’s modern, reliable ultrasound has ergonomically shaped, lightweight and waterproof ultrasound heads with built-in visual contact control. These units have a very low BNR (beam nonuniformity ratio, indicates the quality of the ultrasound beam). A low BNR prevents hot spots and tissue damage. BTL's ultrasound BNR is between 2.2-3 (FDA testing), with variation depending on the soundhead size, and MHz delivered. Control panel is programmable is multiple languages, including English and French. Features • More efficient therapy & elimination of therapist’s fault • Maximum safety using the embedded Rotary Field Technology • Equal ultrasound dosage over the entire treated area • Alternating frequencies 1 and 3 MHz • Heated ultrasound heads • Modular frequency is 10-150 Hz • Duty Factor is 5-100% • Maximum Intensity in continuous mode is 2 W/cm² • Maximum Intensity in pulsed mode is 3 W/cm² • 4.3" colour touch screen that provides clear visualization of all important information • Extensive library of Preset Protocols, classified according to biological effects, with full colour anatomical images and therapy descriptions including applicator position • 2 soundheads can be connected simultaneously • Preset protocols and therapeutic encyclopaedia • Optional light weight battery increases portability • Optional models of HandsFree Sono Applicators: 18 cm² with 6 crystals; 12 cm² with 4 crystals • MDALL 94143 BTL Ultrasound [PDF]

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