Abundant Referrals CD


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Veuillez noter que les produits Patient Media Inc. par William Estebi sont disponibles uniquement en anglais.  

By now you know that great results don't necessarily produce referrals! Discover the secrets that referral-based practices use every day to inspire patients to tell others about chiropractic—without asking! 

In this insightful, one-hour audio mini-seminar, see the referral process from a patient's point of view. Listen as Bill Esteb explores 12 Referral Principles that you and your support team can deploy to instantly give your practice greater "referral-appeal."

The 12 Referral Principles:

  • Clarify Your Mission
  • Offer Tangible Artifacts
  • Know Your Customers
  • Rehearse the Referral Dialogue
  • Understand the Risk
  • Reward Referrals
  • Be Consistent
  • Increase Your Capacity
  • Weed Your Garden
  • Keep in Touch
  • Exceed Expectations
  • Become a Referral Source

Learn what to do to give your patients the reasons, the methods and the means to refer those they know to your practice. Ignore them if you wish. But you’ll be flirting with advertising, coupons and discounted fees. Worse, stingy third parties will hold you hostage. See the referral process from a patient's-point-of-view and grow your practice from the inside-out!

  • Find out why patients refer — it's not what you think!
  • Stimulate more patient referrals — without asking.
  • How to generate referrals from inactive patients.
  • Do your patients think your practice is already "full?"
  • What do your patients risk by telling others about you?
  • Learn how to cultivate "influencers" who control referrals.
  • How do your patients describe your practice to others?
  • The simple way to invoke the Law of Reciprocity.

Find out why patients often want to refer, but can’t! Learn the referral secrets your patients know, but won’t tell you. Finally, get the referrals you deserve.

This one-hour "mini-seminar" tells it like it is, with practical, down-to-earth suggestions you can use instantly. It includes the approaches used by those who already have a referral-based practice. Want one?

Abundant Referrals

66 Minute Audio CD