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3TOOL is an easy-to-use and portable tool designed for both professionals and patients that allows you to treat muscle contractions or overloads. Its innovation lies in a design that offers versatility to be used in different body regions and for different types of applications, thanks to its 3 treatment zones.

Developed by physiotherapists of Valdespartera Physiotherapy Clinic in collaboration with engineers of the HOWLab research group at University of Zaragoza and physiotherapists at iPhysio Research Group at San Jorge University, Spain.

Trigger Points

Place zone 1 of the tool over the trigger point and carry out a gentle compression. 3TOOL has an ergonomic shape designed to favor the optimum grip and exert pressure without tiring.

Muscle Massage

Zone 2 of 3Tool has been designed to apply massage or fascial release directly onto different body areas. It can be used with lotions or oils to enhance sliding.

Spinal Mobilization

Zone 3 is especially designed for mobilizing vertebral segments as a wedge. It allows the professional to carry out specific vertebral mobilizations, especially in the thoracic spine.

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