Theraband Stability Trainer


$63.95 - $93.95

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Theraband Stability Trainer - Blue (Soft)
63.950000 $63.95
Theraband Stability Trainer - Green (Firm)
63.950000 $63.95
Theraband Stability Trainer - Black (X-Soft)
93.950000 $93.95
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The TheraBand Stability Trainers are high-quality tools that help ensure an effective and progressive system of balance training. The oval-shaped Stability Trainers are available in three densities to provide a progression of difficulty levels. The densities range from firm green and soft blue, made with closed-cell foam to inflatable black, made with PVC. The Trainers are designed to improve limb positioning, joint stability, reflex action, coordination, and strength and agility. The Stability Trainer helps to attain stability and prevent painful sprains or injuries.

The black Stability Trainer is softer, air-filled, and more challenging. Length: 16'' Width: 9'' Height: 2'' 

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