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Hand-made in Germany, our skeletons show all 206 – 214 bones of a normal adult male. Each of the 24 vertebrae, 12 ribs, 26 foot, and 27 hand bones are individually mounted. When possible, a joint shows its natural movement because of special U-brackets. Arms, legs, and skull can be removed for transport. Stand and dust cover included. 5 year warranty. All skeletons offered build on the basic composition of the Standard Skeleton.

The Super-Skeleton illustrates painted muscle origins (red) and insertions (blue) with a numbered Legend. Flexible shoulder, elbow, hip & knee ligaments and numbered anatomical structural details with an additional Legend. A Super-Duper Skeleton adds the hand & foot ligaments to the Super Skeleton.



Skeleton on Stand: 180x40x25 cm
5-Legged Pelvic Stand: 60cm radius
Total Weight: 11kg