Professional Hand Dynamometer, Hydraulic, Manual

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This professional hydraulic dynamometer, designed for both routine screening and for evaluation of hand trauma or diseased hands, features upgrades the manufacturer learned through years of clinical experience with the brand Jamar. The goal was to improve performance in terms of accuracy and durability.  This manual hand dynamometer is the top of its class. For clinician familiar with Jamar, the upgrades will be obvious. 

Accuracy is within 1%, not in a 3+% range. Leak-proof aluminum collars replace the white paint tips to decrease the possibility of breakage/leakage when dropped. This sealed hydraulic system features a dual-scale readout that displays isometric grip force from 0 – 200 lbs/0- 90 kgs. Gauge material is industrial grade using Swiss movements, for repeatable accuracy. Improved peak needle/real time needle prevents needle displacement (point doesn’t slip under). Zero-adjustment screw accommodates temperature and barometric pressure changes. And finally, there is a quick-locking handle adjustment with 5 grip positions between 1.375” – 3.375” in ½” increments, and the textured grip handle decreases slippage.

Manufactured in the USA.


What's Included

- Hand Dynamometer
- Instructions manual
- Norms
- Patient record charts
- Carrying case