Outrigger II Shoulder Immobilizer

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Outrigger II Shoulder Immobilizer - Small (up to 14.5")
112.0000 $112.00
Outrigger II Shoulder Immobilizer - Medium (up to 14.5")
112.0000 $112.00
Outrigger II Shoulder Immobilizer - Large (up to 15.5")
112.0000 $112.00
Outrigger II Shoulder Immobilizer - X-Large (up to 17.5")
112.0000 $112.00
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The Outrigger II abducted shoulder immobilizer is versatile enough to comply with various treatment protocols. It easily transitions from an abducted shoulder immobilizer to a shoulder immobilizer to an arm sling to allow for a progressive treatment program. Includes extra abduction security features
and an adjustable shoulder pad. The pillow is designed to position the arm in approximately 15° of abduction. Bilateral design fits left or right shoulder. To determine the proper size, measure the linear distance from the olecranon process (tip of the elbow) to the 5th MP joint (knuckle).

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Size chart

Size Size range
Small Up to 13.5"
Medium Up to 14.5"
Large Up to 15.5"
X-Large Up to 17.5"

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