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MyOnyx is a portable, handheld and rechargeable device for Surface EMG biofeedback (SEMG), electrostimulation (ESTIM), and EMG –triggered stimulation (ETS).   This sleek, easy to use instrument has three functionality modes – standalone, remote control using the MyOnyx app (on Google Play) with an Android device or remote control with a computer (Windows software). It comes in two models: 


  • Basic(OC-3073-01) unit operates as a standalone or by remote control with an Android device 
  • Extended(OC-3073-02) unit operates as a standalone, or by remote control with either an Android device or the BioInfiniti software on a PC. 


Both models were developed in consultation with physiotherapists, applying the latest research in neuroplasticity, motor learning, and patient education to provide a device that allows effective, targeted treatment on a case by case basis. 


The standalone mode delivers preset ESTIM session types directly from the device interface with up to 4 channels and has a range of tools for flexibility in treatment options. The ‘tap and go’ feature runs an ESTIM session without selecting a specific client. The Dual Exercise mode will run two ESTIM sessions at the same time. Select a NMES session from the ESTIM protocols, using one of the feedback options – games, music or animation. Each session type is defined by its duration, the number of work/rest steps, the ramp up or down times and the pulse rates and width. Note: ESTIM sessions are not recorded. 


The MyOnyx app increases and expands the device capabilities: 


  • Edit and customize the pre-set ESTIMsessions for individual patient needs.  
  • Plan a Biofeedback session with one of four display types (line, bar, animation or pattern). Sessions can be defined for 1 or 2 channels and can be saved to a client database. Note: the app shows EMG RMS only. 
  • Combine biofeedback with ESTIMusing the EMG triggered STIM. A NMES session is delivered when client’s muscle voluntary contraction reaches threshold determined by therapist.  


The Client Database on the MyOnyx app is designed to protect patient confidentiality. It requires a username and password, and gives the user access to their patients only. Multiple sessions for each patient can be saved to the database. 


The MyOnyx Rehab Solution is a Biograph Suite that offers tools for muscle function assessment and biofeedback training. 


Assessment Protocols include five activity assessments for 2 EMG channels and for 1 channel EMG. Assessments include pre-baseline rest, maximal contraction, fact flick, endurance, and post-baseline rest, and take just over 4 minutes to run. 


Conduct an open assessment with 2 EMG channels by monitoring client’s EMG activity in specific movements.  Conduct an assessment with 1 EMG channel and median frequency (to assess fatigue).


Training Protocols include a complete suite of biofeedback protocols using 1 channel or 2 channels of EMG, or 1 channel and 1 channel of EMG.  Use protocols to measure muscle activation efforts or teach relaxation or fine motor control: 


  • Activating Ch 1 while relaxing CH 2
  • Control
  • Control with extra channel
  • Relaxation with 1 or 2 channels
  • Strengthening with 1 or 2 channels.


MyOnyx Features: 

  • Wireless connectivity to Android tablets via Bluetooth
  • 8 GB of internal memory to save client sessions and custom protocol
  • 4 inputs with multiple combinations of SEMG and ESTIM channels
    Inputs A & B can be set for EMG or STIM 
    Inputs C & D are for STIM only 
  • Separate patient drive lead for shared ground
  • Ability to ‘daisy chain’ up to 4 devices for up to 16 channels ESTIM
  • Device samples raw EMG sampled 2048 times/sec
  • App displays EMG in RMS
  • MyOnyx Rehab Solution displays EMG raw or RMS 


Basic package includes: 

  • 1 MyOnyx device
  • 4 EMG/STIM 2 lead cables with DIN connectors
  • 1 patient drive lead
  • Medical grade power supply
  • 4 DIN to snap adapters
  • Electrode samples (3 Unigel & 1 STIM electrode)
  • MyOnyx hardware manual
  • MyOnyx App (Available on Google Play)

Extended package includes: 

  • All the components of the Basic package
  • BioGraph Infiniti & Developer Tools
  • MyOnyx Rehab Solution 

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