MR4 Laser with LaserStim Emitter, 25W

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The new LaserStim™ emitter is the first of its kind, a hybrid emitter that provides both light therapy and TARGET technology (Treatment Area Recognition and Guidance Enhanced Technology). This emitter was specifically designed for pain and rehabilitation specialists, to treat a wide range of injuries and conditions, as well as the management of chronic and acute pain. Using the LaserStim™ emitter is a dynamic and interactive therapy. By simply moving the emitter in a scanning motion over the skin, it reveals areas of optimal treatment. Information is provided on the changes in the physiology of the tissue for fast, accurate and effective care. This feedback is provided in a number of ways: readings on the screen, audible beeps and changes to fluidity as you scan.

Once the LaserStim™ emitter provides feedback on changes in the physiology of the tissue, clinicians are assisted in identifying optimal treatment locations, and therefore provide highly targeted treatments. This identification of treatment areas is accomplished through the exclusive TARGET technology: Treatment Area Recognition and Guidance Enhanced Technology.

The LaserStim emitter is based on the SE25 emitter, the single super pulsed diode producing 25W of peak power as well as incorporating Red LEDs, Infrared emitting diodes and the static magnetic field. Multiple therapeutic radiances synergistically work together for an optimal biological response at the cellular level. A unique combination of these radiances creates the perfect environment for optimal pain relief and accelerated healing. A must-have for any practice, the LaserStim™ combination is Health Canada approved.

• 25,000 mW of super pulsed laser power (more than most Class IV lasers but higher degree of safety)

• LaserStim™ exclusive interactive neurostimulation/laser device helps identify probable areas of treatment

• 4 treatment modes: Preset, LaserSweep™, Manual and Patient Program

• 3 ports allow simultaneous use of 3 laser emitters

The MR4 LaserStim package includes:

1. MR4™ Controle Unit
2. LaserStim Emitter (25,000mW)
3. 2-pair of laser goggles
4. Soft Sided Case
5. Operating Manual & User's Guide
6. Protocol Manual
7. Training video
8. 2 year limited warranty

MDALL 86282, 86283

View the MR4 Brochure [PDF]


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