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The MR4 Clinical Package includes the MR4 console, the Laser Stim emitter, the LS50 Laser Shower emitter and Magna cart with one armature for hands free treatment. 

Laser Stim Emitter

A 25 Watt emitter that covers a 4 cm2 treatment area, an optimal size for most treatments. The Laser Stim emitter synergistically combines red light, infrared red light, static magnetic field and the fastest super pulsed laser to provide complete spectral irradiance. The Laser Stim emitter is threaded, giving it the ability to attach acupuncture probes for acupuncture or trigger point treatments. The Laser Stim emitter also has the addition of the TARGET and DOSE technology that provides an interactive neural stimulation by constantly measuring electro-conductivity of treated tissue. It enables clinicians and assistants to identify areas to treat and uses proprietary technology to automatically dose these areas with the proper amount of light energy, without over-treating. MRM has conducted a large & growing body of clinical & peer reviewed studies using the MRM lasers’ proprietary grouping of light wave lengths, to support this claim. Please see reference material here: Revelation, A compendium of research from Multi Radiance Medical.

Laser Peak Power: 25 Watts
Coverage Area: 4 cm2 
Super Pulsed Laser Ga AS Diodes: x1 at 25 Watts
Infrared Light Emitting Diodes: x4
Red Light Emitting Diodes: x4
Target Technology: Yes
Accepts Acupuncture Probes: Yes

LS50 Laser Shower Emitter

The 50 Watt LS50 laser shower emitter incorporates 4 super pulsed GaAs diodes and covers a 20 cm2 treatment area. Increased peak power of 50W combined with the larger applicator promotes shorter treatment times. The Lasershower emitter surface area is 5 times larger than the SE25 standard emitter. This emitter is ideal for treating the spine and large muscle groups. Like the SE25 emitter, it synergistically combines red light, infrared red light, static magnetic field and the fastest super pulsed laser to provide complete spectral irradiance.

Laser Peak Power: 50 Watts
Coverage Area: 20 cm2 
Super Pulsed Laser Ga AS Diodes: x1 at 12.5 Watts
Infrared Light Emitting Diodes: x4
Red Light Emitting Diodes: x4
Target Technology: No
Accepts Acupuncture Probes: No

Magna Cart with one armature

The Magna cart neatly organizes the MR4 console and emitters.  Allows for handsfree treatment.

Optional - Acupuncture and Trigger Point Probes

Made of non-toxic, organic polished glass, the acupuncture and Trigger Point Probes make Multi Radiance lasers even more versatile and unique. The probes allow the laser emitter to focus light energy to smaller target areas like trigger and acupuncture points. Easy to clean. Includes 4 probes: auricular, corporal, utility and dome.

Target & Dose

MRM LaserStim delivers asymmetric, biphasic electrical stimulation measuring changes in tissue impedance. MRM Laser Stim utilizes continual biofeedback from the skin to quickly identify target treatment areas. With the help of our exclusive TARGET (Treatment Area Recognition and Guidance Enhanced Technology) to identify where to apply the light energy and DOSE (Dosimetry Optimization by Skin Electrophysiology) to automatically deliver the proper amount of light energy, clinicians can treat with the confidence that the therapy has been customized to each individual patient to optimize the phototherapeutic effect and provide consistent clinical outcomes.

MRM LaserSweep modulates the pulse rate to prevent tissue adaptation sweeping from highest to lowest. By varying the frequency (Hz), each laser pulse effectively modulates the laser’s target depth of penetration to maximize light absorption.



Fantastic results for treating radiculopathies, adhésive capsulitis, sprain/strain, trigger points and ligament instabilities. I get much better and faster results than I used to with manual therapy. This laser is now glued to my hand ! Multi Radiance has offered an excellent response time to answer any of my many technical questions. 
Alain Mongeon d.c.

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