Mobility Hydraulic Training Circuit - Chest Press


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The Mobility Hydraulic Training Circuit is safe and simple to use and has a welcoming design for actively aging seniors and rehab programs. These units have been designed for quick and easy access with no seating or resistance adjustments required.

Safe and easy to use
The Mobility Hydraulic Training Circuit has been designed using the Auxotonic Principle where the resistance will vary with the speed of movement generated by the user. This type of design will allow seniors to benefit from strength equipment and train at their own pace, with no impact to the joints, individually or in a group setting - no matter their level of fitness. During the course of training, the movement can be stopped at any time with no risk of injury compared to traditional strength equipment. 

Cost effective and minimal footprint
The Mobility units have been designed to provide resistance during both the push and the pull movements. Almost all units offer the bidirectional resistance so the user can exercise two muscle groups at the same time. This results in a large cost saving for the facility as a smaller quantity of units needs to be purchased. All units have a small footprint thus requiring a minimal amount of floor space. They are equipped with wheels and can easily be moved. 

Strength and cardio training
If needed, the resistance of the Mobility units can be adjusted with a knob located in cylinder. The resistance can be adjusted to higher settings to provide a progressive overload of the involved muscles for strength gain. Or, it can be adjusted at a lower resistance and used at faster speeds to achieve aerobic benefits. 

Low maintenance and warranty
The Mobility Hydraulic Training Circuit has been designed to be maintenance free. Cleaning the upholstery and dusting the frame is the only maintenance required. Warranty is lifetime on the frame, 1 year on the cylinder and upholstery.

58.3"L  38.6"W  49.2"H

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