HydroChlor Antiseptic (24 x 50g)


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Effective method to prevent infectious organisms from being introduced into open wounds during hydrotherapy.

HydroChlor water dissolvable packets are highly effective with hydrotherapy treatments. Simply fill the whirlpool to desired level, drop in the required size of HydroChlor packet, agitate 2-3 minutes.

Contains 100% Chloromine-T, proven to be an effective way to sanitize. 

Available in pre-measured water-dissolvable packets or in bottles.


 How much HydroChlor do I need? 

If your tank holds 3-20 gallons 

Use a 15 gram packet 

If your tank holds 21-40 gallons 

Use a 30 gram packet 

If your tank holds 41-70 gallons 

Use a 50 gram packet 

If your tank holds 71-110 gallons 

Use a 80 gram packet 

If your tank holds 111-264 gallons 

Use 200 grams 

If your tank holds 265-425 gallons 

Use 320 grams