Hoist™ 4400


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Available with Articulating arm or Fixed Pressing arm

Hoist 4400

Ideal for rehab settings, the HOIST 4400 four stack machine features very low starting resistances, requires only an 8.5' x 8.5' working space, and includes 4 stations:

Rigid Arm Lat Pulldown (self-aligning handles)

Adjustable Cable Column for hi-low pulley exercises with split-weight cabling to reduce resistance by 50%

Leg Press with adjusting rubber-covered footplate and adjustable back support

Chest Press, Mid Row, Leg Extension and Standing Leg Curl

Detailed Instruction Placards for user reference at exercise stations

Initial (bilateral) Resistance - ½ load per limb:

Adj. pulley 3 lbs.

Mid Row 5 lbs.

Vertical bench 10 lbs.

Ab crunch 5 lbs.

Leg Ext. 20 lbs.

Lat Pull 3 lbs.

Leg Press 30 lbs.- 0 lbs. past 90°

Feature                                             Hoist 6000                      Hoist 4400

Space Required                                  11' x 11'                            8.5' x 8.5'

Seated bi-lateral leg curl                     yes                                    no

Upholstered leg ex/curl cushions       yes                                    no - foam

Squat/calf stand with iliac belt            yes                                    no

Pec deck/rear delt station                    yes                                    no

Adjustable cable column                      no                                      yes

Rigid arm lat pull                                   no - cable                          yes

Upholstered triceps press station       yes                                     no

Weight stack                                        silent steel™                      cast radial interlock

Pillow block bearing chest/mid row      yes                                    no

Preacher biceps curl                             yes                                   no

Machine weight                        1,773 lbs.                  1,600 lbs. 


OC-3803  Hoist 4400

OC-3804-1  Fixed Pressing Arm

OC-3804-2 Articulating Arm Option

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