Dura-Stick Plus Snap Electrodes (Cefar Clip)

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Dura-Stick Plus Snap Electrodes 2" x 4", 4/pack
27.95 $27.95
Dura-Stick Plus Snap Electrodes 2" Square, 4/pack
22.95 $22.95
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Self-adhesive electrodes with carbon conductive layer and a flexible spun lace backing. Designed to use for TENS, NMES and FES devices. 

The Dura-Stick Plus Self-Adhesive Electrodes uses Permagel Hydrogel to serve as a coupling agentto minimize skin-electrode resistance and to conform to body parts.  

Available with either a regular wire for most TENS and NMES devices, or with snaps for  Cefar TENS & NMES devices.  

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