Dualer IQ Pro dual inclinometer

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Dualer IQ Pro™ is the faster, easier, smarter way to do spine and extremity range of motion measurements while providing unparralleled accuracy - all without a computer. It provides more features and functionality than any other non-computerized inclinometer.

  • Measure true range of motion plus movement at the upper and lower extremes of the spine segment.
  • Measure agonist/antagonist movements, like flexion and extension, without stopping or repositioning
  • Perform a complete spine ROM exam without pausing to write down results
  • Simplifies measurement of ankylosis, kyphosis and individual joint movements with unique static testing mode
  • Functions as dual or single inclinometry for both spine and extremity ROM measurements
  • Ergonomically designed to fit all hand sizes
Dualer IQ Pro’s Advanced Features
• Dual or single inclinometry for both spine and extremity ROM measurements
• Automatically records range of motion without having to push a button when using auto-rep feature
• Simplifies measurement of ankylosis,kyphosis and individual joint movement swith unique static testing mode
• Use of solid state accelerometers eliminates internal moving parts to improve overall reliability of sensors
• Magnetic bases attach to rails for improved accuracy in goniometric tests.
• Easy-to-read LCD display with backlight
• Ergonomically designed to fit all hand sizes
• Rechargeable, long-lasting lithium-polymer battery
• Audio prompts for zero, end of rep, end of motion and start up/shut down.

Technical Specifications
Display: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
Sensor: Solid-state accelerometer
Operation: Dual or single inclinometry
Operation Modes: Auto-rep, Dynamic and Static measurements
Data Displayed: Total ROM, Primary value, Secondary value, Test number, Repetition, Mode
Data Storage: Up to 20 tests, with up to 6 repetitions each
Data Capture: Static: Calculates anatomic angles based on two stationary landmarks
Dynamic: Examiner measures functional ROM through opposing joint motions using a common neutral zero point
Auto-rep: Automatically detects ROM end points after examiner establishes neutral zero
Accuracy: 360o, +/- 2o
Temperature: Operating: 50 - 89.6o F
Storage: -40 to 158o F
Dimensions: Primary: 2.9”L X 2.3”W X 0.98”D
Secondary: 2.6”L X 2.8”W X 0.98”D
Weight: Primary: Approximately 152g
Secondary: Approximately 94g
Rail Attachment: Magnetic
Housing: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Power Source: Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery

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