Comfy TENS Plus Unit

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Comfy TENS Plus
Comfy TENS Plus (6 Pack)
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If you are experiencing pain in one or more areas of the body, and if you're looking for a portable, home friendly TENS machine, this Comfy TENS machine might be the right one for you. It comes with 2 channel (4-lead) that's equipped with 12 preset programs and 5 treatment modes. This unit has a high-tech design with metallic finish and an LCD display providing you with information on the type of treatment you are using. Replacement lead wires are sold separately.


Treatment Modes Include the Following

Normal, Burst, Modulated Rate & Width, SD1, SD2


What's Included

- One (1) package of 4 reusable self-adhesive electrodes
- One (1) set of 43” pin lead wires
- One (1) 9V battery
- One (1) carrying case
- One (1) instruction manual


Product Specifications

Amplitude0 - 100 mA
Pulse Rate2 - 150 Hz
Pulse Width50 - 300 uS
Wave FormAsymmetrical Rectangular Biphasic Pulse
Compliance Meter60 sets of individual operation records
Simulation TypeTENS
ModesB, N, M, SD1 (Strength Duration), SD2, P (TENS:P1-12)
Width ModulationNo
Rate ModulationNo
SD CurveYes
Customize / ProgramsNo
Program LockNo
Compliance MonitorYes
TimerYes, 0-90 secs
Low Battery IndicatorYes
Battery9 V
Size (LxWxD)4" x 2.4" x 1"
Weight150 g (battery included)
Warranty3 yr