Comfy Stim Combo TENS/EMS, 4 channel

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If you are experiencing muscle, back, and knee pain this combination unit can be the solution you are looking for. The TENS function stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and is responsible for reducing pain, and the EMS function stands for Electric Muscle Stimulator which helps strengthen the muscle and allows for faster healing. This 4 channel unit comes with 5 TENS mode and 3 EMS modes. Each program's intensity can be modified based on the users tolerance and comfortability. Perfect for home or clinic use. Replacement lead wires are sold separately.



- Muscle pain relief
- Chronic back pain relief
- Knee pain relief
- Reduce spasms
- Tension headache treatment


What's Included

- 1 TENS/NMES device
- 4 lead wires
- 2 sets of self-adhesive electrodes (8 electrodes)
- 4 AA batteries
- 1 instruction manual
- 1 carrying case 


Product Specifications


Pulse Amplitude0 - 100 mA
Pulse Rate2 - 150 Hz
Pulse Width50 - 300 uS
Output TypeTENS and EMS
Burst ProgrammedNo
Burst ProgrammableYes
Width ModulationNo
Program LockNo
Compliance MonitorYes
SD CurveYes
Customize / ProgramsNo
Width + Rate ModulationYes
Wave FormAsymmetrical, Bi-phasic Square Pulse
ModesTENS: 5 (B, N, M, SD1, SD2
EMS: 3 (C, S, A)
Rate ModulationNo
Compliance Meter60 sets of individual operation records
TimerYes, 1 - 60 mins.
Low Battery IndicatorYes
Battery4 AA
Size13.8cm (L) x 7.8cm (W) x 2.8cm (H)
Weight276 g
Warranty1 yr