Comfy Stim Combo TENS/NMES, 2 Channel Unit

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The TENS mode is designed to treat chronic muscle pain and the EMS mode is to help maintain or increase range of motion, and improve blood circulation for faster recovery and healing. This combination unit comes with 5 TENS mode and 2 NMES modes of treatment, allowing you to choose and switch between modes to determine the best treatment for you. Plus, this unit is portable and can be used at home or in a clinic setting. Replacement lead wires are sold separately.



- Muscle Pain Relief
- Chronic Back Pain Relief
- Knee Pain Relief
- Reduce Spasms
- Tension Headache Treatment


What's Included

- One (1) Stimulator
- One (1) set of Lead Wires
- One (1) pack of 4 Self-Stick High Quality Premium Electrodes
- One (1) 9V Battery
- One (1) hard plastic carrying case
- One (1) instruction booklet


Product Specifications

Amplitude0 - 100 mA
Pulse Rate2 - 150 Hz
Pulse Width50 - 300 uS
Stimulation TypeTENS and EMS
Ramp Time1-8 secs
On Time2-90 secs
Off Time0-90 secs
Program LockNo
Width ModulationNo
Rate ModulationNo
SD CurveYes
Burst ProgrammedNo
Burst ProgrammableYes
Customize / ProgramsNo
Compliance MonitorYes
Low Battery IndicatorYes
Compliance Meter60 sets of individual operation records
Wave FormAsymmetrical Rectangular Biphasic Pulse
ModesTENS: 5 (B, N, M, SD1, SD2
NMES: 2 (& S, A)
Width + Rate ModulationYes
Weight150 g (battery included)
Warranty3 yrs