Colorado Sport Cycle


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The Colorado Sport Cycle™ incorporates many features of the Saratoga Cycle® – such as its main frame and flywheel identical in quality and rugged durability – but is a lower-priced, more basic design for persons who do not need the extensive features of the Saratoga Cycle®.
Its Quick-Exchange™ (QE™) grip feature gives you the choice of using any of the QE™ handgrip options such as described in the Saratoga Model.

-Use the same Cycle for arm exercise or leg exercise. Simply exchange the handgrips for our foot plates and place the Cycle on the floor.
-Exercise while sitting on any comfortable surface – bedside, bench, chair, or wheelchair.
-Full-range resistance at the touch of a lever – not a round knob that many persons are unable to grasp.
-Electronic digital display of speed, pedal RPM, total pedal revolutions, distance traveled, distance up, distance down, elapsed time, remaining time, time up, time down, calories burned, autoscan, pulse monitor (ear-clip), and beeping pedal rate.
-QE™ standard handgrips – and the option of customizing your Colorado Sport Cycle™ with any of the other QE™ handgrip options for full grasp, partial grasp, or complete lack of grasp.
-Ability to use your own table or our adjustable-height cycle table (optional).



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