Clinic Set Up and Expansions

We provide peer to peer (physio to physio) advice, offer research subsidies and can help create today’s stateoftheart clinics down to facilities with smaller budgets. We provide equipment recommendations, advice on whether to buy or lease, as well as complete details on installation.

• Clinic design
• Harmonization of equipment/technologies
• Leasing and financing options
• Trial programs
• Clinical training

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“You are an amazing team.”

—Alireza Aminlari, Physiotherapist, Target Rehab

“Tammy at OrthoCanada was fantastic to work with. She was very friendly, knowledgable, and responsive to questions. I really like that they also have a physio for us to speak with directly and to help train the clinicians at Rise. We are already seeing good results with the shockwave and are happy to have it as one more tool available to our team.”

—John Hunter, Physiotherapist, Rise Health

Clinic Set-up Expertise

OrthoCanada’s group of talented service professionals help answer a wide variety of questions and help alleviate the stresses involved in setting up a new clinic or expanding an existing one.

From left to right: Tammy Boucher, Karen Wright, Dany Lafontaine, Razi Khaddage, Geoff Dobbin, Coco, Lucia.

The following should be considered when choosing your equipment and clinic supplies provider.

Selection of equipment

We understand that the investment you are considering is substantial, can be stressful and careerchanging. We take pride in sourcing, testing and offering a variety of capital equipment and clinical supplies that are of excellent quality, affordable and supported by reputable manufactures. Our group of service professionals have the background, skill set and knowledge required to help you make the right equipment and supply choices that will best meet the needs of your clinical environment and services being offered. If you’re still unsure, we offer product trials and clinical training for certain pieces of capital equipment.

Logistics considerations and warehousing capabilities

One of OrthoCanada’s key strengths is our logistics knowhow and capability. Our experience has taught us that clinic openings are not linear projects – they are complex, stressful and take more time than envisioned to execute. OrthoCanada also warehouses a large inventory of clinical supplies and capital equipment which means that we can fulfill orders on time and efficiently. From executing a simple dock delivery to a more complicated one including installation of equipment, let our logistics team carefully organize the delivery service you require so that it happens in an effective and successful way.

Financial considerations

One of the concerns clinic owners have about opening a new practice is how to maximize the return on their investment. It’s important to us that you are investing your funds in the right products, which is why we take pride is selecting products that are supported by a solid and extensive manufacturer’s warranty. OrthoCanada also works closely with a leasing broker that can help you understand the financial benefits of leasing equipment versus buying. The tax benefits of leasing and affordable monthly payments can make it possible for therapists to start their own practice or acquire product that they may not be able to afford to purchase.

Three offices in Canada to serve you better

• Our Gatineau/Ottawa office includes a customer service team and is the home of our main Distribution Center.

• Our Waterloo office includes a customer service team and service team that can do white glove deliveries and installations throughout Ontario.

• Our Vancouver office includes a customer service team and is home to our Maintenance and Repair lab of electrotherapy and modalities.

“This year we invested in a major renovation to our Tournament (Rogers Cup) Locker room in Toronto, to be able to provide one of the best locker room and sports medicine facilities on the tour. We were appreciative of the tremendous assistance and service we received from OrthoCanada’s Dany Lafontaine in ensuring we got the right equipment, at the right price and delivered on time to meet our needs.”

—Richard Lant, Vice President, Operations Aviva Centre

Canadian Clinic Set-Up Choices

To better guide you, here are the numbers across Canada that indicate the most popular equipment selections made by recent clinic setups.

Average amount spent on equipment during set-ups


Under $15,000


$15,000 to $30,000


Over $30,000

Type of treatment tables chosen during set-ups


3-Section Hi-Lo

Shop 3-Section Hi-Lo >


Fixed Height Tables

Shop Fixed Height Tables >


5-Section Hi-Lo

Shop 5-Section Hi-Lo >

Type of electrotherapy units chosen during set-ups



Shop Ultrasound >


Combination US & IFC

Shop Combination US & IFC >


IFC & Stim

Shop IFC & Stim >



Shop Shockwave >


Low Level Laser

Shop Low Level Laser >

“OrthoCanada has been great help in opening my new clinic. They have everything from top to bottom for a new clinic owner. I would recommend OrthoCanada to anyone. The representatives were very accessible and had timely responses to my questions. Their excellent communication along with their knowledge of their products were very essential on my decision for all of my purchases with them. Thank you.”

—David Lee, B.Sc. Kin., M.Sc. PT, Vital Life Physiotherapy Clinic