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Turn your brochure rack into a referral source! Here are the 16 essential titles that can give your patients the most popular symptomatic issues and conceptual principles of chiropractic care. We've bundled our most popular titles into a convenient, money-saving package. If you already have a brochure rack filled with brochures patients don't take, take this 10 point comparison test. If you'd like to get a greater return on your brochure investment, consider these four strategies, whether you use our brochures or someone else's. Whether you start with our six title Symptoms Package or our six title Concepts Package, use these money-saving packages to attract the kinds of patients you enjoy seeing. Includes pkgs of 50 each of Adjustments, Back Pain, Children, Chiropractic, Family Care, First Visit, Headaches, Neck Pain, Pain Relief (not shown in picture), Pregnancy, Sciatica, Scoliosis, Spinal Decay, Stress, Subluxations and Whiplash. Read all of our brochures online to make sure they match your philosophy and practice style.

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16 packages, 50 per package

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